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We founded Portraitholics back in 2017. Since then it's a big passion of mine, to build and improve the Portraitholics community.

I love to take portraits!

Currently I work as an optician, but who knows where this journey will lead me.


Management - makeup Artist

In 2018 , I for the first time engaged with Portraitholics and organized a team of other makeup artists. The concept of Portraitholics was very exciting to me and I was asked a while later if I wanted to be part of the team.

I'm currently working as a hairdresser & makeup artist in a salon. For the next year i want to freelance internationally as a Makeup artist, and live my passion for photography and makeup.


Management & speaker

I've been fascinated by photography since I can think. Through friends I got to know Portraitholics and after we organized an event together I became a part of the team, which is great. 

I am a trained photo specialist and work as sales manager in a photo shop. Next to my daily job i study and i’m curious to see where the future will take me.


Web communications & analytics

I joined Portraitholics in the year 2020. As an avid film and digital photographer, I had a high interest in joining this community of photography professionals and enthusiasts. I am a consultant in a Swiss Bank and in my free time you might just catch a glimpse of me taking pictures on the streets. I am currently looking forward to help this community grow and thrive.


Editor, Business administartion

I'm in love with creative stuff and arts since childhood. However, 7 years ago I slipped into photography. From that day on I just kept that passion and never stopped. Portraitholics shares the same pleasure, so I joined the group in 2020. 

I believe in our vision and our goal. So I use my knowledge and skills to contribute to Portraitholic's success.

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